Augmented Fashion

From Augmented to Authentic, Weaving the Past into Future

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This project seeks to explore ways to educate the consumer about the sustainability, craftsmanship, heritage and value of traditional fashion and textile products, using a variety of mediums such as film and immersive technologies, leading to the following questions:

Fashion has embraced computer technology, with online sales continuing to grow and fashion film increasingly being used to market creative designs. This presents an opportunity to redress the balance by using technology to educate and shape an alternative and sustainable future for the fashion design of traditional textiles.

The UK and Chinese research – industry teams will establish and enhance a long-term collaboration to discuss the challenges and threats to creative fashion and textiles and ideas on how immersive experience and techniques could be used to represent and preserve the history and heritage of traditional fashion and textile products, and transfer them into modern-style design to meet the current and future fashion trends will be explored in facilitated workshops designed to determine how developments in AR, VR and MR and can provide opportunities to capture, develop, disseminate and promote provenance, heritage, craftsmanship and the value of slow fashion and textile products in contemporary society.